Comprehensive service for a safe and sure property sale

Selling properties

We are the experts for office space, logistics facilities, industrial real estate, hotels, specialty shopping centers, retail space, and specialized property as well as residential and office buildings. Our relationships with international institutions and private owners help us find and negotiate the right property for you. We will offer advice throughout the transaction.

The safe side

"If I had known I would have done it differently…," we frequently hear property owners say this after they have sold their property. Irreversible mistakes can be made so quickly when it comes to such complex transactions. With our advisors on your side, you are always on the safe side in all aspects of the sale.

The right

Every property is unique, every sale is special. Do not throw away money! We can create a comprehensive competitive analysis and find the right price for your property that is in line with your needs.

An appealing

Things that make an impression sell. We can stage your property perfectly. We create professional photos and floor plans as well as a high quality portfolio that conveys the value of your property.

Our full service

Are you available 24/7 for potential buyers? Can you always make time for property viewings? We can offer you our full service package in which all you have to do is schedule an appointment to sign the contract at a notary office.

Interest buyers -
to your exact specifications

Can you tell whether the person who is currently viewing the property is just there to look, curious about the property, or an actual interested buyer? By asking targeted questions, we can already tell on the phone whether showing the caller the property will be worthwhile.


The notarized agreeent - reliably prepared

We will take care of everything involved in preparing the purchase agreement, negotiating with the parties, offering assistance, and will gladly accompany you to the notary office.

Our service for private sellers

If you would rather forgo the professional help of a broker while selling your property, we offer tips for private sellers. We will gladly send you information about pricing, inspections, sales negotiations, drafting the contract, etc. free of charge and without any obligation.