Trust the experts on commercial real estate

Good reasons

We are well-known

We are currently actively consulting for and managing office, retail, and store spaces; warehouse, storage, and production spaces and industrial facilities, food and beverage spaces, hotel properties, real property, and residential and commercial buildings as capital investments.

Most of the owners of large commercial buildings in the area of Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, and beyond know about us – thanks to their positive experiences and successful collaborations with us.

We know the value of your property

When it comes to knowing the market we know what we are doing. We reach those people who know what they want. Our presence in the relevant target group and our good name ensure we receive numerous, valuable inquiries about real estate in a range of price classes every month. We maintain an extensive file of reputable, solvent clients with high credit ratings.

And, thanks to our numerous activities, we have detailed knowledge of what prices can be obtained on the market. We evaluate your property objectively and transparently while taking external factors such as standard land values or expert reports into account. We can therefore work with you to determine a fair market price. And implement your project promptly and reliably.


Our advertising is oriented to specific target groups

We publish hundreds of Internet and newspaper ads for properties. In the process, we determine which ads truly appeal to which target groups. With our marketing services, we guarantee fast processing of print and online ads for your properties.


To us, the ideal presentation means:

  • Rendering of your property's floor plan
  • Digital photo technology
  • Convincing and appealing property descriptions
  • Ad placement in all of the relevant media
  • Publishing the property listing on our company's website

Our online ads are listed on all of the relevant portals and databases. Our activities are without any financial risk for you as the client. If we are unsuccessful, we will not bill you for our services. We guarantee that in writing.

You can reach us 5 days a week - or more if you prefer

We are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Thanks to our mobile communication systems, we can also stay connected after business hours, if needed. After all, we want to help you achieve your goal – finding your ideal property at the right time.

We work discreetly

Our good contacts enable us to act directly as a broker for an interested party to negotiate a property with absolute discretion (and no advertising) within a suitable period of time.

Find the ideal property for your needs in our extensive property portfolio